How to make crispy Plantain Chips


2 unripe plantains
Pinch of salt
Sunflower oil for frying


Peel of the skin of the unripe plantains
slice into any desire shapes, it can be cut circular or vertically using a knife, slicer or potatoe peeler
Add salt and mix together
Heat up oil untill very hot, add a little piece of plantain at a time and fry until lightly brown
Remove and place in a kitchen towel to drain excess oil
Server cold or store in an air tight container for future use.

How to make Egusi soup



Egusi soup also known as melon seed soup, is a Nigerian dish made by ground up melon seeds.
It can be made either by frying the melon seeds or without frying.
Egusi seeds are rich in protein, fat and excellent source of vitamin B complex. Diffrent tribes in Nigeria has different ways of cooking Egusi soup, the soup is complimented with leafy vegetables which makes it more nutritional and  delectable.


500g of beef (Any cut will do)
1 and a 1/2 ground Egusi seeds
1 knorr cubes (or maggi)
2 small chopped onions
200g minced kale
1 tablespoon ground crayfish
5 tablespoon of palm oil
1 mackerel-fried (can be added without frying directly into the soup if you prefer)
2 yellow peppers (hot)
1 cup of water
salt to taste


Cut the meat into smaller pieces, season with a half a knorr cube, salt and one chopped onion.
Add one cup of water and cook for 30 minutes or until the meat is tender.
Add water into the Egusi and mix properly to make a paste.
Heat the oil in a pot, add onion and saute for 3 minutes and add the Egusi mixture.
Stir and fry for about 5 minutes.
Add the ground crayfish, pepper, knor cube seasoning and the cooked meat with stock.
Allow to cook for 5 minutes, gently stir all together.
Add the minced kale, salt and allow soup to simmer for another 5-7 minutes or util the vegetables are cooked properly.
Serve with fried fish and any swallow of your choice. I served with manna-fufu this time.

Note: You can always add more water to the Egusi soup depending on how thick or thin you want it to be.

How to make Okra soup


Okra is also know as (ladies fingers) its a popular soup in African. Easy to make and one does not need to break a bank to make this yummy soup. Okra are low on calories,good source of Vitamin C, k and folates(folic acid).


200 grams Okra
200 grams cleaned beef tongue
1 stock fish (in this case hydrated dry cod)
100 grams frozen seafood mix(optional)
1/2 knorr cube
1 teaspoon ground crayfish
4 tablespoons palm  oil
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 small onion- diced
1 Tilapia Fish- scaled and gutted( cut into 4 pieces and deep fried)
Salt to taste

soup preparation:

  1. Wash and cut okra into tiny pieces using a knife
  2. Pour oil on a low heat pot, allow to heat up add onions and okra together, fry for 4 minutes util its starts to draw (turns slimy)
  3. Add  meat, stock fish, broth, seafood mix and stir togther
  4. Add pepper, crayfish, knorr, salt and stir well. Cover to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes
  5. Serve with either fufu, pounded yam or semolina


The stock fish i used was dry and re-hydrated cod and was cooked for 40 minutes until tender. The beef tongue was also precooked and tender. When making okra soup you can use almost any meat or fish of your choice.


Plantain cups with shrimp and Avocado


2 Ripe plantains
2 Ripe Avocados.
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
Peeled shrimp (one per serving)
Half a diced garlic clove
Salt and black pepper
Your Oil of choice for frying

Cooking method

Mash the avocados with a fork to make a paste, add lemon, black pepper, salt and mix properly, set aside in the fridge.

Place the shrimp in a bowl and season with salt, garlic, black  pepper and stir together. Cooked in a greased skillet for about 5 minutes

Transfer them to a plate

Peel and cut each  plantains into 3 pieces, fry in medium hot oil for 5 minutes

Rub some oil in a muffin pan tray, place the fried plantain chunks in each muffin-hole, press down  using a tablespoon to form a “cup”

Preheat the oven to 200C and bake the cup shaped plantains for 5 minutes or util golden brown

Fill the cups with the avocado mixture and top with a shrimp. Then serve while hot.


Danish meatballs in curry(Boller i Karry)


This is a traditional Danish dish i fell in love with the first time i tried it.
The dish is popular amongst Danes of all ages. I remembered the first time i made this for my 7 months old son, he ate so much that i had to make him to stop eating.
This is the only ready-made store bought food i must confess i sometimes add to my shopping cart when i go for grocery shopping.

This recipe is however for the homemade variety, and it is of course much more savory and delicious.

Ingredients for meatballs

400g ground pork mixed with beef
1 egg
2 tablespoon of rolled oats
1 small onion- diced
1 piece of fresh green Pepper
1 dl milk
2 pinches of salt

Ingredients for the curry Sauce

1 big onion- diced
2 tablespoon butter
3 tablespoon mild curry/ hot curry
3 tablespoon flour
½ knorr cube
5 dl of water
4 tablespoons of cooking cream (add more for larger quantity of sauce)
Salt to taste

Preparing the meatballs

Mix all the meatballs ingredients together using your hand or a hand mixer (not a blender) and set aside in the fridge for 1 hour.

Making curry sauce

Melt the butter in a pot on a low heat, add diced onion and fry for a bit.
Add curry, flour and whip properly to avoid lumps, add a little amount of water until sauce thickens then pour in the rest  of water and cream.
Add the knorr, pepper and salt and cover to boil

Combining balls and curry sauce

Form the meatballs into a round balls using a tablespoon and your palm, put directly in the boiling sauce, cover and allow to simmer on low to medium setting for about 15-20 minutes

Serve with boiled rice or alternatively with boiled potatoes.
One can also cook the meatballs separately before adding them into the curry sauce but i decided to add my meatballs directly into my sauce because i find the  meatballs to be more tasty and juicy that way.

Danish Rye bread porridge (Øllebrød)


Øllebrød is a traditional Danish  porridge dish that can be eaten  for breakfast. The porridge is made by using some leftover rye bread (Rugbrød) and “white beer” (Hvidtøl) that is a non alcoholic sweet beer.

One can also buy the instant øllebrød at the supermarket, but i like making my own with my leftover rye bread and water instead of white beer, because of my baby.
Its suitable from 5 months old babies. When serving  a portion to your baby i suggest you serve with apple or pear puree instead of sugar



200 gram  Rye bread
2 cups of Water (or sweet white beer)
1 table spoon butter or an oil of your liking
1 mashed pear


Cut the rye bread into chunks
Add into a cooking pot
Soak in water for at least one hour (or overnight)
Add in the mashed pear and butter
Cook for 5-10 minutes on a low heat untill the bread is soft, if the bread is not as soft as you would like, you can use a blender to make a smooth paste
Can be served with whipped cream or whole milk.
Garnish with fresh berries or similar.

Beetroot bread




2 cooked beetroot made into a puree

1 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon sugar

5 grams of fresh yeast

100 grams of flour

100 grams of oats flour( made by myself using rolled oats)

150ml of milk

4 tablespoon of olive oil



Combine sugar, yeast and Milk and  sit set aside for 5 minutes

In a bowl or a mixer pour flour, oats flour and salt.

Add in the yeast mixture, olive oil, beet puree and water (to get the consistency just right).

Mix  for 10 minutes using a stand-mixer until dough is smooth. (can also be  knead by hands, just be thorogh)

Place dough on a bread baking mold.

Cover dough with a clean kitchen towel and set aside in a warm place.

Allow dough to rise for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 200C and bake for about 40 minutes

Spinach stew




800 Gram whole hard chicken/ use any meat or fish of your choice
600 Gram (or there about) beef on the bone
500 Gram fresh spinach( spinach has been washed, cut and blanched)
140 Gram tomato puree
2 Tablespoon red oil
2 Tablespoon olive oil
1 Teaspoon dried and ground crayfish
4 Big shrimps
1/2 Knor seasoning cube
1 Medium size onions (diced)
1/2 Teaspoon ground up hot red pepper

Chicken/ meat has been washed, cut into smaller pieces and cooked on a low medium heat for 1 hour

Cooking method

Pour both oils into a pot and allow them to heat up for 20 seconds or so.
Add chopped onions and stir lightly until brown.
Add tomato puree, stir-fry for 3 minutes.
Add cooked chicken/meat, shrimps, peppers, blended crayfish, knor cube, salt and water/cooked meat stock to thin out the sauce.
Mix well together using a cooking spoon, cover pot and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
Add the blanched spinach, stir well, cook for 5 minutes then you are ready to eat.
Can be served with rice, yam, mashed potatoes, fufu or another food of your choice. I tend to prefer to serve with rice of fufu.

Organic homemade Quinoa flour

Quinoa is a gluten- free and contains huge amount of protein.
It can be use to make bread, cookies, smoothies,pizza and baby cereal


1 cup of organic white quinoa
Wash the quinoa twice in a bowl of clean water.
Transfer it in a sieve and allow the water to drip away from the quinoa.
Heat a pan on a low heat, pour in the washed quinoa.
Roast the quinoa for 5-10 minutes until golden brown.
Allow to cool then transfer into a blender/nutribullet.

Blend into a fine flour.


Can be stored in a container for future use.

Banana quinoa pudding for baby


1 cup white organic quinoa
1.5 ripe banana
2 tbsp of olive oil
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups of water/formula.
Rinse quinoa in clean water to remove any dirt.
Place in a small pot, add water to cover and cook for about 15 minutes on medium heat.
When properly cooked add in the cinnamon, olive oil and banana, blend everything together using a hand held blender and serve.
It can also be served without blending, just mash up the banana with a fork.